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Association information Most websites’ prime purpose is to sell something but not our website.  The prime purpose is to provide information to the industry about our members and the association, its purpose and its activities. Since ship owners and managers are interested in doing business with ship suppliers who are bonafide, have a substantial amount of experience and the necessary “tools of the trade”, they look to members of NAMS as a recognition of a bonafide ship supplier.  The listing as a member is a significant indication of the high level of service. The website offers an alphabetical list of members, both ship suppliers and associate members and a section of the website by port of the NAMS ship suppliers located in each port. Activities Each year the Association holds an annual meeting in conjunction with the Canadian Association (CSSA) to discuss industry developments, exchange information and have presentations from industry leaders.  Information such as the presentation and other news expressed at the meeting are presented in a newsletter that is emailed to the members and posted on our website. When developments occur in the industry that affects our members, we are a conduit to all members to make them aware of any effects on their business.  A prime example of this is the effect of 9/11 on port security and the actions that took place re access to ports.  We were a prime source of information on how to deal with the homeland regulations put in place to gain access to the docks to make delivery to the ships.
National Association of Marine Services