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CharlestonNAMS Members

Coleman Supply - Charleston, South Carolina 989 Morrison Drive, Charleston, SC 29403 Phone:  (843) 722-7614 Fax:  (843) 722-1980 email: Contact Person:  Frank B. Drayton Jr. NAMS Member In business since 1887.  A one stop shop - inventory consists of provisions, deck, engine, bonded stores. Serving ports:  Charleston, SC, Jacksonville, and Tampa FL First Choice Marine Supply - Charleston, South Carolina 1884 Herbert Street, Charleston, SC 29405 Phone: 843 455-0331 Fax: 843 723-4630 Email: Contact 1 Tony DeFore (843) 455-0331 Contact 2 Gary Guy, Mobile (813) 476-2773 NAMS Member First Choice Marine Supply is a global maritime supplier specializing in logistics and delivery of complete ship’s stores to vessels throughout the United States, Bahamas, Caribbean, Central and South America. We supply full provisions, deck stores, engine parts, technical and safety items, machinery and heavy equipment to ships, shipyards, terminals, and construction projects. Let our experienced & knowledgeable staff provide you world class service today! Liberty Marine Services, Inc. - Jacksonville FL, Savannah GA, Charleston SC 2403 Corbett Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 Phone:  904-634-0056 Fax: 904-634-0059 Contact:  Erik DeLoach –  (904) 707-9789 NAMS Member General Ship Supplier Serves: Jacksonville, FL - Savannah, GA - Charleston, SC World Ship Supply - Charleston, South Carolina 5414 Longleaf Street, Jacksonville, FL 32209 Phone: (904) 768-1015 Fax: (904) 768-1016 After hours: (904) 768-1015 Email: Contact: Andrew Cobb (713) 222-6005 General ship supplier, ISSA Quality Certified NAMS Member Specializing in: spare parts, safety equipment Serves: Jacksonville, FL - Tampa, Fl - Savannah, GA - Charleston, SC  
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