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Brief History

During World War II, the government established an agency to coordinate the supply of vessels used in wartime with food for the crew and troops and replacement parts for vessels.  When the war ended the man in charge of the agency C. Willman Brown affectionately known in the industry as “Brownie”, determined that there was a need for an association of the companies that resupply ocean going vessels when they arrived in the ports in the U.S. In 1951 The National Association of Marine Services was incorporated in the state of Delaware and for 64 years as of 2016 has been the prime source of information and coordination with other organizations in the ship supply industry.  The Association has always had a high standard of qualifications for membership to provide the necessary high level of dependable service to ship owners/ship management companies and their vessels.  As a member of NAMS it signifies the bonafides of a ship supplier.  NAMS vets all companies who apply for membership. Basically, since 1951 there have been three Executive Directors, Willman Brown from 1951 to 1982, Bill Robinson from 1982 to 2017  and the current Executive Director Elizabeth (Libby) O’Malley from 2017.  Membership numbers, as in any organization, fluctuate but recent history shows that we have remained in the range of 40 – 43 ship supplier members and 15 branches in locations in the U.S. and 20 Associate members.  More significantly, all ports with ocean going vessel capabilities are serviced by NAMS ship suppliers. We will continue to represent Ship Supply here in the United States and provide the necessary conduit for information that affects our members and the operation of their businesses and a forum to discuss developments and lead in any actions that may be required to represent the interests of NAMS members.
National Association of Marine Services